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Job Ready Program Australia for International Students

job ready program australia

by Muditha Mahanama

Most of the trade skills assessment programs require relevant trade qualifications and minimum of 3 years of full-time paid employment experience in related field to be eligible for full skills assessment for skilled migration visa purposes. However, the Job Ready Program Australia(JRP) is designed for the international students who studied in Australia with less relevant experience to gain a skills assessment through work-based training and experience with an Australia business entity.

Upon successful completion of the Job Ready Program, candidates may obtain the final skills assessment outcome report from Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) which they can use for skilled migration purposes. The skills assessment outcome report is required to apply for most of the skilled visa categories for permanent migration.

The Job Ready Program consists of 3 stages as stated below. Each stage must be completed to move to the next stage. The JRP may take approximately 12 months or maybe longer to complete and depends upon successful completion of each stage.

  1. Job Ready Employment (JRE)
  2. Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA)
  3. Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA)

The candidates must obtain Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) as pre-requisite to start the JRE application and PSA outcome letter must have been issued within the last 3 years. You can apply for PSA application by creating an account through TRA online Portal via TRA website. (This TRA account is required to lodge and complete each stage of your Job Ready Program application).

To apply for PSA, your qualification must have been completed in Australia at an education provider that is registered under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) to deliver the training and meet other pre-requisites for PSA.

Stage 1- Job Ready Employment (JRE)

At this stage you will be able to develop your skills and experience in an Australian working place.

Requirements for JRE

  1. Valid PSA and an Australian visa with sufficient validity period and work rights.
  2. Employment arrangement to develop skills in an occupation where TRA is the relevant skills assessing authority.
  3. It may take 6 months (with full-time paid equivalent employment) to complete from the start date of JRE.

Stage 2-Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA)

In this stage, assessing authorities will determine whether you are meeting the required skill level in nominated occupation in your workplace.

Requirements for JRWA

  1. The applicant’s workplace must be approved by TRA
  2. Completion of 6 months full-time (or equivalent part time) employment from the start date of JRE
  3. TRA will invite you to apply for JRWA

An assessor of a TRA-approved RTO will do the assessment based on your job duties perform in your employment as per the agreed forms at your current workplace and provide feedback to TRA.

TRA will advise whether you have been assessed as Job Ready or Not yet Job Ready for your nominated occupation and further action required based on your outcome.

Stage 3-Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA)

This is the final stage of JRP.  JRFA final assessment can be used to meet one of the compulsory requirements of having positive skills assessment to apply for skilled migration visas.

Requirements for JRFA

  1. Complete a minimum of 12 months of full-time paid employment or equivalent within a TRA-approved workplace within 3 years from JRE start date.
  2. Successful completion of Stage 1 (JRE) and Stage 2 (JRWA).
  3. TRA will inform you when you are eligible to apply for JRFA

The Job Ready Program is one way of meeting skills assessment requirements for permanent migration. However, it may be time consuming process and require candidates to actively participate in the program. The candidates must lodge a “decision-ready” application on each stage to avoid any delays or unsuccessful outcome.

Additionally, before starting the Job Ready Program, the applicant must check whether the JRP outcome letter is suitable for their skilled migration visa process. Therefore, the applicant must have thorough understanding of the visa requirements and complete the skills assessment through JRP process/steps or seek advice from an immigration lawyer/registered migration agent who has expertise in this area.

At Longton Migration, our team of immigration lawyers and migration agents can render the necessary support throughout the Job Ready Program Australia (JRP) process. Contact us today to discuss your circumstances.

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