June 27, 2024

How Long Does a Parent Visa Take to Process?

143 visa processing time

As of April 30, 2024, the processing data for parent visas has been updated on the DoHA’s website. There is some good news as the queue for parent migration has advanced by one month. Here are the specific processing details including 143 visa processing time:

143 visa processing time

 As of April 30, 2024, the parent visa processing status is as follows:

Finally, at the end of April, the processing of non-contributory parent visas advanced by one month! It is worth noting that the applications submitted in November 2011 started being processed in December 2023. It took a full five months to see this little progress!

Given this pace, it is understandable why Department of Home Affairs has announced that the waiting period for non-contributory and aged parent visas is as long as 29 years.

143 visa processing time

For those seeking a faster option, contributory parent visas are indeed quicker. According to the processing times published, contributory parent visas take approximately 12 years to process, saving 17 years compared to the non-contributory parent visas. As parents age, sometimes the wait can be unbearable!

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